Restaurant – Did you know that?

  We all know what a modern restaurant is. But have we ever thought what is the story behind it ?

         The historian Rebecca L. Spang, in her book “The invention of the restaurant” claims that the restaurant was “invented” by Mathurin Roze de Chantoiseau, in the old regime, that is before the French Revolution in 1789.

In Paris of the 18th century, the upper french class could go to a therapeutic inn and order a very rich broth that would help to cure the lung diseases. Gradually, the inn took the name of the broth. So, in a restaurant (from the verb restaurer, to restore) of that time you could seat in a separate table alone or with your friends instead of eating together with strange people on a long bench and order from a menu instead of eating only what the cook had prepared for you.

So, thanks to the french elite we can all enjoy a tasty lunch together with our friends and family in one of the hundreds of millions restaurants all over the world. Thank you mr Mathurin!


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