Imam Baildi – Did you know?

 In Greece, there is a special recipe called “Imam Baildi”.

Its roots are somewhere in minor Asia. My grand mother (who came from Smyrna)

used to tell me this story:

In Turkish, “Βayilmak” means “faint”. So, it’s the Imam who fainted.


There is a story in Turkey that goes like this:

During the Ramadan (when Muslims are forbidden to eat anything before sunset),

there was this Imam who was chanting from his minaret. Suddenly,

a strong cooking smell reached up his nostrils.

This smell coming from a neighboring house,

was so delicious that made him faint and fall of the minaret.

Since then, this dish took the name “Imam baildi”.

Maybe, it was a woman of another religion who cooked that day

since a true Muslim woman would have never cooked anything before sunset during the Ramadan.



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