Greek Tzatziki sauce

One way or another, you may have heard the word “Tzatziki” once in your life.

Those who have visited Greece, you may have even tasted it.

For those who have heard the word but never tasted it and for those who don’t have a clue what “Tzatziki” is… here is a video that shows the preparation of the famous Greek “Tzatziki” dip, step by step.

It’s very easy, very quick, it is eaten by anyone and it is considered very healthy because of the use of cucumber, yoghurt, olive oil and fresh garlic (garlic lowers the blood pressure).

The video is presented to you by MEDITERRANEAN GOURMET, my family business. Who’s the cook behind the bench? Well, it’s…me! Enjoy.

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2 comments on “Greek Tzatziki sauce

  1. Goodmorning, your video is great! Very detailed and…fun. I will leave you a “like” no doubt. Thanks for your tips. Now it’s even easier for me to prepare tzatziki sauce. Thankssssssssss

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