The easiest orange jam!!! A special treat for kids

Today, I’m gonna give you not just an easy recipe for home-made jam but my favorite orange jam.

My refrigerator never misses this easy and delicious treat. Especially in winter time, like nowadays, it’s my favorite time to pick Seville oranges from the streets and blend them with orange, lemon and mandarins to prepare a sourish, nature coloured jam wich everyone likes. It is perfect with toasted bread in the morning, with yogurt in the evening, as a layer over a cake, a perfect match for pancakes, even as filling for home-made cookies.

Children are gonna love it, take my word for it, and mother can relax offering to their kids something juicy & healthy.

Here is the original recipe made only with orange. If you want to add the extra fruit, just increase portions equally.


4 Oranges with the thick skin





Wash and peel the orange.

Make sure to keep the 1/3 of the orange skin because we will put it in the jam.

In a pot we put the orange, the skin and enough water to cover them and we boil.

We boil the orange until it is soft enough to prong with a fork. We take it out of the pot and let aside to cool down a bit.

We take our mix out of the pot but we don’t throw the water. In a multi-chopper, we grind the orange with the skin.

Be careful to grind the orange but not the skin.Take them out of the multi-chopper and place them in a pot.

We add an equal amount of sugar (if our mix of fruit and skin is three cups for example, we add three cups of sugar).

We boil the jam in medium heat, blending with a wooden spoon until it becomes a firm, homogenized jam.

Approximately for 15 minutes.

When our jam is ready, we can keep it in glass, sterilized jars for a long period of time provided that we always use a clean spoon. So, never lick your spoon and dive it into the jar…


Wash the jar with warm water and soap. Place it into the oven into 120° for 15-20 min. Turn off the oven, take the jar out and place it upside down on a clean towel. Leave it there until it’s time to use it. When you fill it with the jam, place it upside down until it cools down completely. Only then, you can place it into the refrigerator.


If our pulp is too thick, we can add some water (not too much)

from the water in wich we boiled the orange.


4 comments on “The easiest orange jam!!! A special treat for kids

  1. Hello, again. I haven’t read your blog for two weeks, I was on a business trip. Today, is the first day I visit again. You know I always wondered how can someone make a marmelade without using any preservatings. If it’s that easy, I think I’ll give it a try. Thanks a lot.Bye.

    • Hi, nikolasmour and welcome back. Yes, it’s THAT easy to make a marmelade. And it’s quick too.
      And of course it’s all about healthy ingredients. No preservatives,no glucose, no artificial aromas.
      And don’t forget that you can make jams out of any fruit you like, whether it’s winter, spring or summer.
      Keep following, more posts are coming. Take care.

  2. Hello guys, just signed in to your lovely group. Fruitandcake, I just wanted to say that I prepared your marmelade. It’s G-R-E-A-T !! Many “thanks” from my children, too. I only prepared a small vase three days ago and today there’s nothing left… Next time I will prepare a larger one.Bye.

  3. Hi, marybeta3. Thanks for posting. That’s the spirit… Don’t tell anyone…but the first time I prepared a small jar of this marmelade… I ate it myself within a day !!! Now, I know better. I prepare a large bowl (approximately 1 lt) and keep it in the refrigerator for the rainy days… Take care.

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