L.A TIMES: “Kentro” the Greek kitchen

“The Fullerton restaurant aims to be a meeting place for Orange County. With its modern, egalitarian approach to Greece’s culinary tradition, it’s well on its way.

The menu at Kentro Greek Kitchen might as well be a manifesto. The downtown Fullerton restaurant is practically revolutionary, a stereotype-smashing example of what a Greek restaurant can and should be. Here there are no azure murals of the Aegean, no Doric columns carved from stucco, no choral rounds of “Opa!” to accompany the crash of shattered plates. Kentro instead is a paragon of subtlety, Orange County’s primary practitioner of a Greek culinary tradition that revels not in antiquity but modernity.”

By Miles Clements | Special to the Los Angeles Times

       I always appreciate any modern Greek approach…

       Good work, guys!


2 comments on “L.A TIMES: “Kentro” the Greek kitchen

  1. Wish we had more places like this in the Boston area. This place looks very cool!

    As long as they have nice gyro’s and maybe even some saganaki, it’s going to do well

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