Fish roe salad (Tarama salad)

The first week of Great Lent starts on Clean Monday, the first day of Great Lent. The name “Clean Week” refers to the spiritual cleansing each of the faithful is encouraged to undergo through fasting, prayer, repentance, reception of the Holy Mysteries and begging forgiveness of his neighbor.

On Clean Monday, in Greece, usually people picnic in the country or beaches with homemade, “no blood” foods like Fish-roe salad, Egg-plant salad, octopus boiled with wine, stuffed squid, green salads, cuttlefish with spinach etc…

Here is an easy and very quick fish-roe salad that is traditionally always present in this day’s feast.

It is made only with quality, extra virgin olive oil that offers a rich aroma.  I personally don’t use any onions because I don’t like to “spoil” the distinguishing fish-roe flavor. For this reason, I don’t use any pepper, either, but it’s up to you.



200 gr fish roe (red or white)

400-500 gr stale bread

1 onion chopped (optional)

1 lemon (or according to taste), the juice

1 water glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)


Pepper (optional)



Soak the bread into a large bowl full of water and drain it.

Then remove crusts from the bread.

Place the fish roe (and the chopped onion if you are using it) in a mixer and beat well.

Add gradually the lemon juice, the bread and the olive oil and continue beating the mixture

until it becomes soft and creamy.

Add any extra lemon juice, olive oil or bread according to your taste.

The saltness from the fish roe must not be too hard.

You must find a balance and because the fish roe is extra salty you must not NO SALT whatsoever.


1) Cut one or two thin lemon slices for decoration.






2) You may find Greek Fish roe salad, pre-cooked, in a gourmet or deli store

but the taste won’t be as good as the home-made salad, trust me…


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