Greek Kalamari,the cheesy version


4 big squids

Greek “Feta” cheese, 4 pieces cut in matchsticks

Greek “Kefalotyri” cheese, ½ cup, grated

1 red, sweet pepper, cut in matchsticks

1 tomato, cut in cubes


3 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

1,5 tsp of your favorite hot mustard

1 medium-sized lemon, the juice


First make sure to wash your squid thoroughly in and out, discarding the bone.

Take a fork and mash the feta cheese in a bowl.





Add the grated kefalotyri cheese,

the pepper and the tomato cubes.






Blend all the ingredients together and start to stuff our squids

but not all the way up. We don’t want our mix to spill out.

Close each squid with a toothpick.






In a preheated oven, start the grill and place your squids.

Grill them 2-3 minutes each side.

In the meantime, prepare the sauce.

Put all the sauce ingredients in a small jar with a lid and shake well, until they become a thick vinaigrette.

Make sure you don’t over-grill the squid because it will taste like rubber.

When ready, serve in a dish and sprinkle with your vinaigrette sauce.


Sprinkle your Greek kalamari with some fresh herb like thyme, oregano or basil leaves.

Everyone will believe you spent your summer in Greece…


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