Cretan Rusk-4 steps abundance


Cretan rusk (Dakos in Greek, or owl due to its shape) is a traditional, Cretan dish.

Usually it is a barley rusk on which we add mashed tomato and mashed Cretan “mizithra” cheese, or “feta” cheese.

The dish is completed with a large amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), salt, oregano and sometimes pepper and olives.

Of course there are many versions according to taste and place, eg. capers, fresh rocket, lettuce etc.

It is considered the epitome of the Cretan diet as it combines simplicity of ingredients with strong flavor and freshness.

So, if you need a quick snack for the office, an easy and quick dish, a recipe for your kids, a healthy recipe… in just 5 minutes, Cretan rusk is ideal. Enjoy.

CRETAN RUSK  (classic)


1 barley rusk (Cretan Rusk)

1 fresh tomato, peeled and crushed

Small piece of soft mizithra cheese or feta cheese

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

oregano for seasoning


Slightly moisten the rusk in water until it is soft enough to bite.

You may avoid this step and soak the rusk with the tomato juice, which is poured over it.

Arrange  the sliced cheese and tomato on top.

Decorate with oregano and add the salt

Sprinkle with a generous amount of olive oil

That’s it !

In five minutes you prepared a nutritious, yummy dish for you and your loved ones.


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