Rose Vinegar Delicacy

Everything’s coming up roses in the kitchen!

When your rose bushes are in full bloom in your garden, pots or the nearest flower shop, take advantage of their fragrant blossoms by cooking them into something delicious.

A Rose Vinegar can be used as a dressing to really “lift off” your fresh and boiled salad, your grilled vegetables, a nice roast or grilled chicken. Enjoy!



You will need only three things:

-A glass bottle for the vinegar

-A quality white vinegar (chose an expensive one that will make the difference)

-And a handful of your favorite rose petals(washed and well dried)

 Or 4-5 dried ones that you will find in a gourmet grocery store next to the herbs and spices.

Mix them all together and close the lid. Leave the vinegar for at least one week in a sunny place before you start using it.

Some leave it for a month but I think that if the rose petals are fresh and aromatic they will lend their aroma to the vinegar quickly enough.


*For extra fragrance, add only two drops of rose-water with the rose petals.


One comment on “Rose Vinegar Delicacy

  1. What a great idea! Never thought I could mix roses with vinegar.
    I will surely try it as I love fresh salads. Thanks.

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