Lose weight with a dessert at breakfast!

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Going through my morning papers, I came across this very interesting article from THE NEW YORK TIMES. Not only it’s educational but it’s also…convenient to those who follow a diet to lose weight. Enjoy… DESSERT AT BREAKFAST MAY HELP DIETERS … Continue reading

Colorfull pork chops for everyone!

Pork chops are a delicious treat for nearly everybody. There are hundreds of ways to prepare them: fried, grilled, baked, scalded, saute, marinated etc…

Here’s an oven-made, very easy recipe, perfect for everybody that combines meat with vegetables.

That makes it also a perfect kids recipe.


6 pork chops (neck)

1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

2 red peppers in slices

2 yellow peppers in slices

2 green peppers in slices

1/2 lb of cherry tomatoes

2 cloves of garlic sliced

Some fresh thyme

Salt and pepper to taste


3 lemons, the juice

2 tbsp of mustard (hot is better here)

2-3 cloves of garlic minced

1/2 a tsp of salt


Place the pork chops in a baking pan. Season with salt and pepper.

Place all the sliced peppers and sliced garlic over the pork chops in the baking pan.

Wash the cherry tomatoes, cut them in half and add them in the pan with the pork chops and peppers.

In a jar with a lid beat the minced garlic, salt, mustard and lemon juice.

Pour the sauce over the ingredients in the baking pan and add the fresh thyme.

On the top, pour the olive oil and cover with aluminum foil.

Bake in a preheated oven to 180 C (350 F) for about 1 1/2 hours.

After about an hour of baking, remove the aluminum foil.

Bake for the rest of the remaining time for the food to get some color.

From time to time make sure to moist the chops with some of the sauce with a spoon.

When ready, serve hot accompanied with french fries and a Greek salad!

Party ideas with Greek salad?Why not.

In your effort to learn your children to eat more fresh vegetables, why not preparing an easy, quick and smart recipe for them.

Take advantage of the simplest ingredients like tomato, cheese, cucumber and olives that come right out of the original Greek salad recipe. Only this time don’t serve them all together in a bowl.

Prepare the loveliest appetizers like in the photo. Just make sure you prepare a lot of them because they tend to be eaten rapidly…

Good luck to you all, fellow cooks.

Do you know how to make Greek salad?

The Greek country (or rustic) salad (Choriatiki in Greek) is worldwide known as simply “Greek salad”. It is considered a summer salad and basically it is made of tomato, cucumber, onion, black olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt and dried oregano. Optionally, it is enriched with Greek “feta” cheese, green pepper and even sometimes and in some places with vinegar and capers.

However, you can find other variations of the Greek salad but it is always served in a soup plate which is large enough to keep a large amount of olive oil together with the tomato liquid (the salt tends to extract all the liquids out of the vegetables, that is why it is better to be added when served. That is also the reason why yesterday’s salad is always richer in flavor and liquids, perfect for a bread dip.) It is a perfect kids recipe as it combines freshness with all the benefits from fresh vegetables and virgin olive oil.

 The Greek salad goes well with everything…

 And in Greece you can find it everywhere…

Oven baked “Kleftiko” lamb

The term “kleftiko” suggests lamb or goat meat which is slow-cooked traditionally in a sealed clay oven.

It is a recipe from Cyprus and if it is cooked properly and slowly, it is delicious. There are many variations. Here is an easy, basic version. With this recipe, I’m sure you will steal your loved ones heart. Enjoy!


1 kg lamb meat without the bone

125 gr Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

250 gr peas

Dried oregano

Dried thyme

3 carrots chopped

2 tbsp lemon Juice

3 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 big potatoes cut in cubes

2 tomatoes sliced

6 pieces of non-stick paper

100 gr of Greek “kefalograviera” cheese (it’s salty enough)

Salt and freshly ground pepper


Wash the meat, drain and marinade the meat with all the spices, the lemon and the olive oil in a large bowl, leave for at least one hour.

Meanwhile, we scald the carrots and peas into salted water. Drain well.

In a pot, pour 3 tbsp of olive oil and sauté the carrots and peas.

In another pot, pour 125 gr of the olive oil and sauté the lamb. Then in the same oil (we add a little if needed) saute the potatoes.

Take 6 pieces of non-stick paper and divide the pieces of lamb, the potatoes, the carrots, the peas and “kefalograviera” cheese equally. On the top, add one tomato slice, salt and pepper and wrap each paper individually.

Use a cotton string to tie them and put them into a clay pot or a simple baking tray.

Bake them for 1 hour at 175o C.

Make sure you serve hot and accompany with a Greek salad.

Need a personal cook? Taste Greece!

Hello, my dear friends…

I’m very glad to announce my upcoming business plan to NYC !

Me, my pans and pots and my Greek recipes are moving to NYC in the following months.

Finally, I will be happy to cook for you as a private cook, in your kitchen, whenever you need me.

As your personal caterer, I will be happy to cook all my favorite, mediterranean recipes that you can find

in this blog and so many more through an every-day meal, or private cooking lessons.

So, for those of you who would like to taste the Greek, famous:



…and more, please feel free to state your interest through this blog. The list is now open…

Thank you and …keep posting.

Sweet Valentine-by Jamie Oliver

“A Bellini is the perfect drink for any special occasion. I’ve used tinned peaches here so you can be certain the fruit will be lovely and soft, rather than struggling to blitz harder, out-of-season fruit. Tinned peaches are also the kind of thing most people have lurking at the back of the cupboard and this is a brilliant way to use them up!”


 • ½ x 400ml tin of peach slices, in fruit juice

• 750ml bottle of champagne, chilled


 “Add the peaches and their juice to a food processor or liquidizer. Whiz for a few minutes until really smooth.”

Divide the peach purée between your glasses – you want a couple of centimetres worth in each one, then gently top them up with champagne. Be careful as it can easily bubble over and you don’t want to waste any champagne! Serve immediately and enjoy.”



Smyrna Meatballs-Heaven must be Greek!!!

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As a child, I though that this “Soutzoukakia” recipe was the hardest of all, seeing my grand-mother spending hours in her kitchen preparing it. The whole house smelled cumin and cinnamon and garlic and slowly the aroma was climbing up … Continue reading

Be my (Greek) Valentine !

Saint Valentine’s Day is coming and you are still searching for the perfect dessert that will seal your sweetheart’s heart…

Well, look no more. Here’s a cheesecake that you ‘ve never tasted before. From Greece only for you…Enjoy !


Preparation time: 40 min

For 16 portions


1500 gr spread cheese

225 gr flour

450 gr sugar

4 eggs

2 egg yolks

400 gr milk

1 (16 ounce) package phyllo dough

500 gr walnuts

250  gr sugar

1 tsp of cinnamon powder

350 gr butter, melted

400 gr honey


With the help of the mixer, beat the spread cheese with the sugar very well. Then, add the eggs one by one until the mix becomes fluffy.

Add the flour and then the milk.

Take your baking pan (30X40cm) and butter the bottom with a brush. Divide your phyllo dough as you will use half of them at the bottom and half on the top. Start spreading the dough one over the other brushing them with the melted butter (otherwise they will stuck on each other).

In a multi blender, grind the walnuts with the 250 gr of sugar and the cinnamon. Sprinkle half of them over the dough.

Pour the cheese cream and sprinkle with the rest of the walnuts. Then continue to lay the rest of the dough (don’t forget to butter in between).

Bake the cheesecake into a preheated oven in 180oC for 70-80 minutes.

When ready, take it out of the oven and pour over the honey which you have just heated up.

Let it to cool down and cut into pieces.

Extra tip: For extra sweetness why don’t decorate the plate with fresh strawberries?

After all, it’s Valentine’s day!