Potatoes stuffed with Avgotaraho & Orange

I like trying new flavors and combinations, that sometimes I even “see” recipes in my sleep.

So, today I woke up with a new gourmet dish in my mind. I run to my kitchen for a quick experiment.

My darling husband will be the first to try it (as always). I hope he doesn’t divorce me one of these days…

I’m sorry I haven’t any photos yet, but I am so happy with my new recipe and I ‘m giving it you you ASAP.

I hope you like it.


4 potatoes (medium size) boiled with the skin

2 tbsp of Greek whole yoghurt (not light)  

1 spring onion, chopped

1 orange (medium size) juice and zest

2 very thin (almost transparent) slices of Avgotaraho, cut in half

Freshly ground pepper




“Scoop” the potatoe from one side, to leave room for the filling.

Prepare the filling: Mix together the yoghurt, the spring onion, the orange juice and zest.

With a teaspoon, fill each potatoe and gently place half slice of the Avgotaraho. Sprinkle with pepper.

If you like, you can use only half of the orange zest for the filling and sprinkle the rest with the pepper on the top.