My name is Mary Boutsis.

Being Greek, I learned to appreciate cooking with the freshest ingredients.

My wish is to share my cooking experience but also to learn new flavors, new recipes.

So, this blog is all about our favorite recipes. Everyone has a favorite dish. You must too.

Why don’t you let others know about it?

Describe the ingredients and a few tips of your cooking method and that’s it.

It may be a quick snack for the road, a Sunday barbeque or a menu “a la carte”.

Whatever you like. After all, taste is a personal matter.

All you, fearless cooks out there, feel free to share your menus and try out new ideas.

But mostly… Enjoy cooking…


6 comments on “About

  1. Thanks for your visit on my blog 🙂
    I am now following yours! Greek cuisine is one of my favorite but I rarely cook it so I look forward to try some of your recipes!

    • Hi, thanks for your visit. I ‘m happy to hear that you fancy Greek cooking. Well, in my blog you will find traditional as well as modern Greek dishes for all tastes. I’ll be even more happy to know that you chose at least one to put on your kitchen table. Happy blogging and have a nice day.

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